Electronics for Neuroscience

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Wireless recordings for freely moving animals

Deuteron Technologies provides a range of products for the wireless recording of neural and audio data in animals. A full electrophysiology recording system is made up of animal-borne data loggers that record the neural or audio data, a synchronizing transceiver that is used to control the logger settings remotely, and additional support accessories.

Data Loggers

All current data loggers by Deuteron Technologies are animal-borne devices that record the neural or audio data, amplify and digitize the signals, and store the data in memory media on the animal. They are suitable for a range of animals including (but not limited to) mice, rats, fish, bats, marmosets, and macaque monkeys. All of the settings of a logger are controlled from a computer by radio link using our synchronizing transceivers described below. There are two types of data loggers for recording different types of data: neural and audio.

Neural loggers

Deuteron Technologies provides a family of neural loggers, containing 16 channel compact loggers, as well as 32, 64, and 128 channel loggers. Our neural loggers are especially suitable for extra-cellular recordings, with a typical bandwidth of 7kHz and a conversion rate of 32000 samples per second on each channel. Some of our neural loggers contain the ability to record motion sensor and audio data as well.

Compact loggers


Our compact loggers (MouseLog16 series) contain 16 channels and weigh as little as 3 grams including the battery. This makes them suitable for recording on small animals such as mice. They come in a variety of configurations to suit your needs for mounting on the head of the animal, including a version suitable for aquatic animals. 

Single-board loggers

Single-board SpikeLog-64

Our single-board loggers (SpikeLog series) are lightweight 64 or 128 channel loggers that are mounted vertically on the head of the animal.

Modular loggers

Modular loggers (RatLog series) have separate boards for digital processing and analog amplification, making customization for a given experiment much easier. They are lightweight, wireless 32-128 channel logger systems for recording neural signals on small animals such as rats or marmosets.

Other loggers

Deuteron’s audio logger is made for recording both animal vocalizations and environmental sounds.

Audio logger (AL2)

Audio logger AL2

Deuteron’s audio logger AL2 is made for recording sounds that animals hear, and sounds that animals make. It is not much bigger than the MicroSD memory card that it holds and weighs about 1 gram. It can record audible and ultrasonic sounds, and has a frequency response that extends to 80kHz. It can record sounds from either its on-board microphone or an external microphone or vibration transducer.

Synchronizing Transceiver

All of Deuteron’s loggers, both neural and audio, are controlled by radio commands from the synchronizing transceiver, making the transceiver an essential part of all of Deuteron’s wireless electrophysiology systems.  

Synchronizing transceiver (STX4)

The synchronizing transceiver (STX4) enables radio linked control over wireless loggers. It is connected via USB to the host Windows computer and it, along with our software suite, allows you to change settings on your logger and to synchronize static equipment in the lab to the wireless logger.