Electronics for Neuroscience


SpikeLog-64 is a 64 channel single-board neural logger that also features ultrasonic audio and motion sensor logging. At a size of just 20 x 29mm and a weight of only 3.3g (not including battery), this board is a perfect, lightweight solution for recording neural signals in small animals such as rats and marmosets, among others. It’s on-board microphone is capable of recording animal calls up to 80kHz, and its 9-axis motion sensor records accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data. For specifications see here. It comes in several variants, each with different features (see below for details on variants).


  • Neural recording
    • 64 channels each sampled at 32000 Hz
    • 16-bit ADC
    • 10mV p-p signal range with 0.2µV resolution
    • Adjustable analog low-pass and high-pass filters
    • Low noise 2.4µV rms with 7kHz bandwidth
    • 8 Selectable reference channels for each group of 32 channels
    • Two 36+4 pin Omnetics connectors
    • 4.5 hours of recording using a 64GB memory card
  • Audio recording
    •  80kHz on-board microphone
    • Sampling rates up to 200KHz
    • Selectable bandwidths up to 80kHz
    • High-pass filter
    • External or on-board microphone
    • 16-bit ADC
  • Motion sensor
    • 3-Axis accelerometer
    • 3-Axis gyroscope
    • 3-Axis magnetometer (compass)
  • Small size and weight
    • 3 grams including memory card
    • 3.3-gram battery for 2 hour recording
    • Single vertical board 32 x 20mm



Includes wired streaming capabilities using Open-Ephys and Intan’s data aquisition systems making it possible to adjust electrodes, measure their impedance, and conduct wired experiments using the SpikeLog-64C headstage, that is, without the need for an Intan amplifier board. When the experiment requires the animal to be fully freely-moving, one can remove SpikeLog64 logger from the wired connection.


Includes altimeter capability and plug-in GPS module.


Includes a co-processor for external SPI sensors and IR remote control for turning on/off.

All variants are available in 32-channel versions at a reduced price

Compatible Electrode Interface Board

SpikeLog64 connects to electrodes with its two parallel Omnetics connectors type A79025-0001.  The center lines of these connectors are spaced 2.69mm. Deuteron makes a circular electrode interface board that matches SpikeLog64. Click here for details.

Interchangeable with Intan Technologies’ 64-channel amplifier boards

The neural input connectors is identical with that on the Intan RHD2164 amplifier board. With this amplifier board connected to Intan’s data aquisition systems to adjust electrodes and to measure their impedance, and to conduct wired measurement experiments. Then when the experiment requires the animal to be fully freely-moving, one can remove the Intan amplifier board and attach the SpikeLog64 logger.