Compact loggers


MouseLog-16C is Deuteron’s lightest logger, with a board size of just 13 x 18mm and weighing only 1.58g (not including the battery). It records 16 channels of neural data, audible and ultrasonic audio data up to 80 kHz, and 9-axis motion sensor data. With a 1.5g battery (yielding 1.5 hours of recording time), it weighs just over 3g and is suitable for recordings in mice and similarly sized animals. For more details, see here.


MouseLog-16B is a 16 channel logger that can be operated in either ‘Spike’ or ‘LFP’ mode. In ‘Spike’ mode it logs all 16 channels and digitizes each input at 31.25 kHz. In ‘LFP’ mode it operates at a lower power and logs any 8 of the 16 inputs with a 4kHz sampling rate. It weighs 1.9g (without battery) and with a 1.5g battery has a 2 hour recording time in ‘Spike’ mode and an 8 hour recording time in ‘LFP’ mode.


MouseLog-16V is a vertically mounted configuration of MouseLog-16B.