Electronics for Neuroscience

Modular Loggers

RatLog-128 is a modular logger system, meaning it has separate boards for digital processing and analog amplification making customization for a given experiment much easier. A single processor board can be connected to one, two, or four headstage amplifier boards yielding 32, 64 or 128 channels, respectively. Headstage amplifier boards can be connected to the processor with an ultra-flexible short cable or plugged directly into the processor. Most headstages can be stacked, that is, connected to another headstage to provide multiples of 32 channels.

Customized headstages can easily be made to interface with the user’s electrode assembly. At present Deuteron offers ten different compatible headstages with a variety of orientations, options, and connectors. For more information on the RatLog-128, see

RatLog-128 with two stacked headstages
RatLog-128 with two headstages connected with ultra-flexible short cable
Example of headstages stacked 4-high