Electronics for Neuroscience

Neural connector components

Deuteron Technologies offers neural connector components, including custom components to accommodate a variety of experimental setups.

Electrode Interface Board EB2-64

EB2-64 is a circular electrode interface board made by Deuteron Technologies that is can be used with either the Deuteron SpikeLog64 logger or the 64-channel RHD2164 64-channel amplifier board from Intan Technologies. The holes for the electrode wires are aranged in a zigzag pattern of two rings on the outer edge of the board. The board is circular and holds two parallel Omnetics connectors symmetrically placed on the board. The connectors are of type A79022-001. For more details, see here.

Electrode interface board EB2-64

SpikeLog-128 Cereport Adapter

Cereport adapter connected to SpikeLog-128

Cereport is an elastomer-based mount developed in academia and sold commercially by Blackrock. On the right is a view of the Cereport adapter assembled to the SpikeLog-128 board, and below is a view of the complete logger for use on monkeys enclosed in a strong plastic housing that holds the logger, adapter, battery and radio antenna. The memory card can be inserted and removed via a slot in the housing.

View of the SpikeLog-128 with cereport adapter and housing with the battery charge connector (top) and slot for the memory card (left).

Custom adapters

Deuteron also offers designs custom adapters based on individual experimental needs. For more information, contact us.

Omnetics extenders
Customized adapter