Electronics for Neuroscience

MS9 Low noise logger with differential-input channels

The MS9 is a new low-noise logger featuring 8 differential-input neural channels and 4 high-resolution thermometry channels. They are especially suitable for recording any sources of low-voltage signals, including extracellular neural spiking, EMG, EEG, EKG, or LFP signals.

The MS9 differs from our other general-use loggers in the following ways:

  • It has only 8 neural channels
  • Its neural channels have differential inputs
  • It uses a low-noise wide-range preamplifier that is not based on the Intan preamplifier chips
  • It provides the ability to record data from four thermometry channels
  • It provides a connection for an external tracking LED

As noted above, the MS9 also allows you to record four channels of temperature measurements at high speed and with high resolution. These can be used for studies on muscle activity or any other experiments requiring high speed and resolution temperature measurements. Click here for more information.

MS9 Low-noise differential-input logger with four thermistor channels