Electronics for Neuroscience


SpikeLog-128 is a single-board lightweight 128-channel neural logger that mounts horizontally and weighs just 4.4 grams. It amplifies and digitizes single-cell neural signals and stores all data onto a MicroSD memory card. Along with neural recording it also includes a 9-axis motion sensor. For full list of specifications see here.



  • Neural recording
    • 128 channels each sampled at 32000 Hz
    • 16-bit ADC
    • 10mV p-p signal range with 0.2µV resolution
    • Adjustable analog low-pass and high-pass filters
    • Low noise 2.4µV rms with 7kHz bandwidth
    • 8 Selectable reference channels for each group of 32 channels
    • Two 70-pin Molex connectors, usually used with adaptor
  • Motion sensor
    • 3-Axis accelerometer
    • 3-Axis gyroscope
    • 3-Axis magnetometer (compass)
  • Small size and weight
    • 4.4 grams including memory card
    • 6-gram battery for 3 hour recording
    • Single vertical board 30 x 30mm


SpikeLog128 for Cereport adapter

Cereport adapter assembled to SpikeLog-128 board

Cereport is an elastomer-based mount developed in academia and sold commercially by Blackrock. On the right is a view of the Cereport adapter assembled to the SpikeLog-128 board, and below is a view of the complete logger for use on monkeys enclosed in a strong plastic housing that holds the logger, adapter, battery and radio antenna. The memory card can be inserted and removed via a slot in the housing.

View of the SpikeLog-128 with cereport adapter and housing with the battery charge connector (top) and slot for the memory card (left).

Constructing your own adapter

If you wish to construct your own adapter, the details of how to connect to the SpikeLog-128 single-board logger can be found here.