Electronics for Neuroscience

Programming examples and utilities

On this page we will be providing a growing collection of MATLAB and Python scripts to help you analyze data collected using Deuteron’s loggers. If there are functions that you would like to have added to this page, please write to info@deuterontech.com explaining what you would like.

Flat format examples

Flat file format example script in Python

Click here to download a python script demonstrating the extraction of neural, audio and motion sensor data (if present) from a flat file,

Converting logged binary data into voltage units in MATLAB

Example showing how to take raw data from a Deuteron neural file in flat file format and sort it into channels and produce an array of voltage values.

Click here to download Matlab example

Converting logged motion sensor data into MATLAB variables

Example showing how to take data collected from the motion sensor in a flat format Deuteron neural logger and convert it to variables in MATLAB.

Included in the download is a short document describing how to use the MATLAB example.

Click here to download

Converting audio data to .wav file

Example showing how to extract audio data recorded using the RatLog32 or RatLog64 system in flat file format and convert it to a .wav file can be found here.

Example showing how to convert raw audio data recorded by AudioLog1 or AudioLog2 into a .wav file can be found here.

Block file format

Extracting multiple types of data from data files in block file format

You can download a programming example showing how to extract multiple types of data from a data file in block file format in Matlab or Python. There is a README.txt file that comes in each package that describes how to run the examples.