Electronics for Neuroscience


SpikeLog-32, front view

SpikeLog-32 is a 32 channel single-board neural logger that also features ultrasonic audio and motion sensor logging. At a size of just 23 x 16 x 3mm and a mass of only 2.3g (not including battery), this board is a perfect, lightweight solution for recording neural signals in very small animals such as mice. Its on-board microphone is capable of recording animal calls up to 80kHz, and its 9-axis motion sensor records accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data. For specifications see here.

SpikeLog-32, back view


  • Neural recording
    • 32 channels each sampled at 32000 Hz
    • 16-bit ADC
    • 10mV p-p signal range with 0.2µV resolution
    • Adjustable analog low-pass and high-pass filters
    • Low noise 2.4µV rms with 7kHz bandwidth
    • 6 Selectable reference channels + ground
    • One 36+4 pin Omnetics connectors
  • Audio recording
    •  80kHz on-board microphone
    • Sampling rates up to 200KHz
    • Audio bandwidth upper limit of 80k
    • High sensitivity (60 μPa/bit)
  • Motion sensor
    • 3-Axis accelerometer
    • 3-Axis gyroscope
    • 3-Axis magnetometer (compass)
  • Small size and weight
    • 2.3 grams including memory card
    • 1-gram battery for 1 hour recording
    • Single vertical board 23 x 16mm