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Event file viewer

Getting started with events

Deuteron loggers contain continuous data alongside events that are triggered at specific times.These events are stored in a special format and require translation. To get started, we recommend you read the manual on the Event file reader v9.0 which describes the events as well as the tools we offer to translate them. We have provided a utility program to allow you to translate and format events. This utility program also allows you to write your results to a CSV file.

If, however, you prefer to integrate your event processing into your Python or Matlab pipeline, we have provided dlls that interpret these events along with Matlab and Python programming examples demonstrating how to use the dlls.

Utility program

The Event_File_Reader_9_0.exe utility program has two functions:

  1. It allows you to see the list of recorded events and their timestamps. You can choose which events are of interest to you and display only those events.
  2. Translates and saves the event log file into a readable text file for further processing.

The present version of this program is V9.0 and it can be downloaded from the link below:


The capabilities of the event file viewer can be accessed via dll directly from the user’s code. When accessing the dll from Matlab, only the main dll is required. From Python, the main dll needs to be accessed via a wrapper dll . All required dll for the respective languages are included in the download of the programming examples below. For Python, the dll (‘Event_File_Reader_9_0.dll’) must be placed in the folder where the Python interpreter is located.