Electronics for Neuroscience

What we’re about

Deuteron Technologies Ltd. is a supplier of miniature neural recording and stimulating equipment for research with freely moving animals.

Our specialty is replacing rack-mounted electrophysiology equipment with miniature animal-borne systems to promote neuroscience experimentation with untethered animals.

No tethers. No cables. More research.

Deuteron is leading the way in providing miniature animal-borne equipment to replace the traditional expensive racks of fixed lab equipment used for electrophysiology today. Our specialty is making equipment that is really small. Being small and battery-operated means that the equipment also has to have very low power consumption. Since 2010, Deuteron has been developing a collection of miniature, low-power design blocks that can easily be combined to provide an animal-borne replacement for a given laboratory setup.

Driven by real-world research needs.

Deuteron technologies started as a company that designed, built, programmed and delivered full-custom electronic systems according to customer’s specifications. In 2010, the company began to be driven by custom-ordered projects from leading research universities for custom radio-linked stimulation equipment for rats and bats. After more electrophysiology projects were ordered by other university labs, the company shifted focus to concentrating on electrophysiology equipment for un-tethered, freely moving animals.

Deuteron continues to provide full-custom projects, and still specializes in electronic systems that have a significant analog aspect to them.

Our fields of expertise include

  • Very low noise preamplifiers
  • High efficiency and high precision laser and LED driver systems
  • Very low power instrumentation
  • High efficiency power converters
  • Radio and high frequency designs
  • High-precision instrumentation
  • Microcontroller-based control systems