MS9 Low noise logger with differential-input channels

The MS9 is a new low-noise logger featuring 8 differential-input neural channels and 4 high-resolution thermometry channels. They are especially suitable for recording any sources of low-voltage signals, including extracellular neural spiking, EMG, EEG, EKG, or LFP signals. The MS9 differs from our other general-use loggers in the following ways: As noted above, the MS9 […]

Getting started

Already have Deuteron loggers and want to start experimenting? General Instructions We recommend you read the general instructions before starting your experiment. It gives a brief summary of the set up instructions, and outlines other important concerns such as general care for your loggers, the radio range of your loggers, information about batteries and more. […]


SpikeLog-128 is a single-board lightweight 128-channel neural logger that mounts horizontally and weighs just 4.4 grams. It amplifies and digitizes single-cell neural signals and stores all data onto a MicroSD memory card. Along with neural recording it also includes a 9-axis motion sensor. For full list of specifications see here. Features Adapters SpikeLog128 for Cereport […]