Getting started

Already have Deuteron loggers and want to start experimenting? General Instructions We recommend you read the general instructions before starting your experiment. It gives a brief summary of the set up instructions, and outlines other important concerns such as general care for your loggers, the radio range of your log, batteries and more. Setting up […]


SpikeLog-128 is a single-board lightweight 128-channel neural logger that mounts horizontally and weighs just 4.4 grams. It amplifies and digitizes single-cell neural signals and stores all data onto a MicroSD memory card. Along with neural recording it also includes a 9-axis motion sensor. For full list of specifications see here. Features Adapters SpikeLog128 for Cereport […]


RatLog128 is a modular logger system consisting of a processor board and one, two or four headstage amplifier boards. They can have 16, 32, 64 or 128 channels. The headstage amplifier boards can either be connected to the processor with an ultra-flexible short cable or they can be plugged directly into the processor. Most headstages […]