Electronics for Neuroscience

Custom solutions

At Deuteron we know that no two research groups are doing the same thing; each lab needs its own unique setup. With fixed lab equipment, researchers configure their lab setup by combining the effect of different standard instruments. But what happens when we want to compress the whole setup into a postage-stamp sized circuit to be mounted on the animal?

Deuteron solves this problem through a repertoire of miniature neuroscience components. Researchers can specify which components they need integrated into an animal-borne system. Deuteron will then use its in-house circuit-board design capability to make the system needed. Listed below are some of the components that we have. All of them are optimized for animal-borne systems; all are designed for interoperability, lowest power, lowest weight and size.

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Digital controllers

Our systems use microcontrollers that are optimized for low power and small size. Our software ensures that the processor operates at surprisingly low power levels.

Proprietary digital radio system

Our proprietary digital radio protocol uses ISM frequencies. It allows devices to select long transmission distances or fast data rates. Stimulation systems that use our protocol can operate at ranges of hundreds of meters, while our neural data monitors allow real time transmission of several channels of digitized neural data sampled at 30ks/s per channel.

Digital neural head-stage interface (32-192 channels)

Our digital head-stage data-streaming interface can operate 1 to 6 digitizing head stages. Each headstage can have either 16 or 32 neural channels. The data can be stored in a micro-SD memory card or transmitted by radio for preview. Two versions of this hardware are in development: one for mounting on an animals’ body, and a more compact version to be mounted on an animal’s head.

Digital head-stages

Our digital head-stages are the smallest in the world

Neural pre-amplifier interface (16-channel)

Our 16-channel neural preamplifier interface is the central part of our Neurolog-16 and Mouselog-16 single board neural loggers.

Electrical stimulus generator

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High-efficiency LED / Laser driver for optogenetics

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GPS receiver

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