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Design details of MouseLog16C

Details of major components and their mass

Details of the mass in milligrams of each of the major components of MouseLog16C is shown in the table below. Note that the development program is on-going so that whenever lighter components are substituted, this table will be updated and the total weight will drop accordingly.

Component mass (mg) Notes
Bare circuit board 509
MicroSD socket 257
Omnetics connector 113 Would drop if Molex board is tooled
Antenna socket 17 Not needed when using short range antenna
Programming socket 5 Could be removed
Socket components for battery clip 102 Add this only if using clip-on battery
Total, all major components + PCB 1003
All small components and solder 313
Total built logger 1316
Memory card 261
Total logger excl battery unit 1577
60mAh cell 1030 Good for 100 minutes
Battery mount PCB with components, pins 280 Second edition expected to be lighter
Total 2887