Electronics for Neuroscience

Neural logging achievement

Deuteron technologies has solved all the problems involved in making a neural logging system small enough to be mounted on small untethered animals.

Deuteron’s Neural logging Achievement

Deuteron has successfully combined on-animal data recording with radio-telemetry for signal preview, thus allowing the user to see live neural signals, and at the same time being sure that no recorded data is ever lost, even if the animal is moves out of radio range.

Technical Prowess at Deuteron

Making a single-board neural logging system requires one to place extremely sensitive neural preamplifiers on the same circuit board as a radio transmitter and a data processor. The entire combination must also be really small and run at very low power.

Deuteron has solved all the problems involved with the conflicting needs of the very quiet environment needed by a neural preamplifier, and the naturally noisy and radiating nature of a radio transceiver and data processor. The sensitivity of Deuteron’s neural recording equipment is now limited entirely by the fundamental thermodynamic noise (Johnson noise) that results from the high impedance of neural electrodes.

Using a Deuteron Neural Logger

Deuteron’s neural loggers provide a unique combination of on-animal recording and radio telemetry. Since the data is recorded into memory on the animal, the data is recorded with 100% reliability, never missing any data, even if the animal goes out of radio contact. On the other hand, the users can chose our “monitor mode” to view the signals in real time on the host computer. Our proprietary radio link provides a radio transmission range much greater than any other radio telemetry system. The radio can be configured to allow control of the logger at a distance of hundreds of meters in open spaces.  Transferring the recorded data is quick and easy: systems with built-in memory are simply connected to a computer’s USB port, and the files appear as they would with a USB memory stick or digital camera. With our systems that use micro-SD memory cards, just copy the files.

You need a PC to operate the system. Switch on the logger and start the control program. Use it to any of the system’s settings, and start the monitor. If the signals look OK, press the “Record” and you recording will start.

Our synchronization accessory provides a wide variety of ways to synchronize events in your laboratory with the recorded data.  You can connect other equipment to the digital output or digital input of the synchronization accessory. If you use a video camera to observe your animal, you can program the omnidirectional LEDs on the logger to flash at specific times to mark video frames corresponding to a particular time or event.