Electronics for Neuroscience

Electrode Interface Board EB2-64

EB2-64 is a circular electrode interface board made by Deuteron Technologies that is can be used with either the Deuteron SpikeLog64 logger or the 64-channel RHD2164 64-channel amplifier board from Intan Technologies. The holes for the electrode wires are aranged in a zigzag pattern of two rings on the outer edge of the board. The board is circular and holds two parallel Omnetics connectors symmetrically placed on the board. The connectors are of type A79022-001.



Specification Value Units
Diameter 16.5 mm
Circuit board thickness 0.8 mm
Connectors A79022-001 Omnetics part number
Electrode hole diameter 0.305mm mm (=0.012”)
Mass 0.784 g
Finish Gold
Horizontal alignment tolerance 0.02 mm
Vertical alignment tolerance 0.02 mm
Distance between centers of Omnetics connectors 2.69 mm
Mounting hole diameter 1.45 mm
Minimum distance between electrode holes 0.896 mm
Ground pin hole diameter 0.55 mm

This EIB is fabricated using a 4-later PCB in order to provide to ground planes at the top and bottom of the board for maximum signal shielding. The two Omnetics connectors are assembled with high precision in order to ensure that the two connectors are mounted accurately parallel in both the vertical and horizontal planes. This is a requirement for reliable mating with the Intan amplifier board or the Deuteron data logger. Printed marks on the EIB divide the electrodes into numbered groups of four holes.


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