Electronics for Neuroscience

New Introductions

We have been exceptionally busy this year at Deuteron, and we have introduced several new neural logging devices. We have also made important introductions and improvements to our software. Most importantly, we are making all our new loggers into dual-purpose devices; they can either be used as wireless neural loggers, or as conventional wired neural data acquisition systems.

New Loggers for Neural and Audio Recording


SpikeLog64 is a new single-board 64-channel neural logger. It records neural data on 64 channels, each sampled at 32kHz. It also includes a 9-axis motion sensor and an ultrasonic audio recorder. It mounts vertically using two 36-pin Omneitcs connectors and weighs just 3 grams. See here for more details.


MouseLog16C is our newest and lightest neural logger intended for small animals, such as mice, birds, bats and fish. It will be introduced at the end of 2018. It combines 16 channels of neural recording, ultrasonic audio recording, a 9-axis motion sensor, and a high-speed thermal sensor primarily intended for recording sniffing of mice. With all these features, it is hardly bigger than the MicroSD memory card that it holds. See here for more details.

Audio Logger AL2

Audio Logger AL2 is a new version of our miniature ultrasonic audio logger, capable of recording up to 80kHz and sampling up to 200000 samples per second. It also has a 9-axis motion sensor


Rat64-Stim6 is an optional module for our Rat64 modular neural recording system that allows up to 6 channels of electrical stimulation.

New Software

Control program for neural loggers

“LoggerDemo”, our PC program that is used to control loggers over a radio link, has be replaced by “LoggerCommand3”, which includes several significant enhancements, including the following:

  • Better support for multiple loggers: It is now much easier to control multiple loggers using a single computer and a single transceiver. The program can now simultaneously control up to 12 loggers.
  • Full clock synchronization: The timing of all loggers is kept in perfect synchrony. Using an innovative proprietary technique, any potential clock drift is now totally eliminated.  See here for more details.
  • Support for new devices. The following new devices are now supported:
    •  Audio logger AL2
    •  SpikeLog64
    • Rat64-Stim6
    • MicroStim6
    • MouseLog16C

Deuteron LiveStreamer

We are presently introducing our live neural streaming software that allows you to stream data from our new dual-purpose data loggers over a wired link directly to your computer.

Neural data file viewer

This is a general purpose program for viewing neural data recorded by Deuteron loggers

MATLAB scripts

A growing collection of free MATLAB examples for handling recorded data can be found here


Other improvements

Battery-backed transceiver

For highly critical recordings, you now have the option to order our STX4 synchronizing transceiver with a battery backup. In this way, if the host computer is malfunctions, is switched off or is disconnected from transceiver, neural recording will continue seamlessly with no loss of synchronization

Event file Viewer

A new version of our Our event file viewer is now available that allows you to easily select any subset of the recorded synchronization events for display or further processing.