Electronics for Neuroscience

Wireless logger specifications

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SpikeLog-16 SpikeLog-64 RatLog-128
Spike mode LFP mode
Introduction 2015 2015. B version in 2017-8 2013 Feb. 2018 2019
Configuration Modular Single board Single board Single board Modular
Orientation options Vertical, horizontal or flexibly wired


MS4: Vertical

Horizontal Vertical  


Vertical, horizontal or flexibly wired
Neural inputs 16,32,64 16 8 16 64 16-128
Sampling rate, kHz, each channel 32kHz 31.25kHz 4kHz 29.3kHz 32kHz 32kHz
Resolution, bits 16 12-16 16 12 16 16
Input range ± 5mV ± 6mV ± 6mV ± 5mV ± 5mV
Noise rms 2.4µV 2.2µV 1.5µV 2.2µV 2.4µV 2.4µV
Analog bandwidth, high limit 30Hz to 10kHz 7kHz 400Hz 7kHz 30Hz to 10kHz 30Hz to 10kHz
Analog bandwidth, low limit 0.2-500Hz <1Hz, 10Hz, 60Hz or 300Hz 1Hz or 300Hz 0.2-500Hz 0.2-500Hz
Electrical stimulus channels Custom option none none 7 Custom option Custom option
Number of possible

reference channels

According to headstage

8-35 per headstage

7+Ground 16+Ground 16+Ground

According to headstage

8-35 per headstage

9-Axis motion sensor Yes none yes yes yes
Audio recording, sampling rate Optional, 32kHz none none 50, 100, 200kHz Optional
Data memory MicroSD card MicroSD card Fixed with USB MicroSD card MicroSD card
Standard data memory capacity 64GB 64GB 8 GB 64GB 128GB
Memory limit of recording time 64-channel: 4.5 Hr

32-channel 9 Hr

18 hours 11 days 2.5 hours 4.5Hr

128 channel:4.5Hr

32 channel:18 Hr

Recording time with 3g battery 64-channel: 2 Hr

32-channel 3.3 Hr

4 Hours 16 Hours 2.5 Hours 2 Hours 128 channel: 3 Hours with 5g battery
Wired data streaming option. To be introduced in 2018 32-channels (Some headstages only) 12 channels 8 channels None 32-channels All channels
Board size, mm 15 x 22 17 x 24 22 x 30 20 x 29 18 x 24
Board mass, incl. memory card Processor: 1.92g Horizontal: 1.9g ; Vertical 2.25g 4.0g 4.0g Processor: 2.6g
Headstage size, mm 13 x 13, standard wired

15 x 27, standard stacked


None none none

13 x 13, standard wired

15 x 27, standard stacked

Headstage mass 1.-2g typical None 1-2g typical
Connector According to headstage

Standard: Omnetics A79025. Also Molex, Mill-max, Hirose

Omnetics A79043 or low profile Molex 54102-0204 Omnetics A79041 Two Omnetics A79025

According to headstage

Standard: Omnetics A79025