Electronics for Neuroscience


What’s in a kit?

Deuteron’s loggers are supplied as a kit. A single kit includes two base stations and accommodates four animals. A typical kit contains: Four neural loggers

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MouseLog16 is a lightweight wireless neural logger. It provides 16 channels of neural signal recording and is optimized for extracellular spike recording.  Its signal bandwidth

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RatLog-64 is a modular, lightweight, wireless system for recording neural signals on small animals such as rats. Its main features include: Small enough to be entirely

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Audio logger AL2

Deuteron’s audio logger AL2 is made for recording sounds that animals hear, and sounds that animals make.  Although it does not record neural signals, it

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SpikeLog64 is a single-board lightweight 64-channel neural logger that mounts vertically and weighs just 3 grams. It amplifies and digitizes single-cell neural signals and stores

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MouseLog16C is Deuteron’s latest and smallest neural logger. It is intended for birds, mice, bats and other animals that cannot carry more than 3 grams.

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